Most people don’t typically have touchless fixtures on their minds. However, we’re not most people! Touchless fixtures are often taken for granted, believed to be only useful in a public setting. However, touchless fixtures for things like water, paper towel, soap, or hand sanitizer are becoming more and more commonplace even in a residential environment.

Prices for touchless fixtures are often not too different from normal fixtures, and while you may need to enlist the services of a professional to install them, some are simple enough to install for yourself. Since that’s the case, you might find touchless fixtures could even save you money over time. That’s because most of them have settings that allow you to control how much water/soap/etc. is dispensed, reducing waste and expense. Besides that, newer models are easier to use than ever before – some of them are even voice-activated. Why not give touchless fixtures a second thought?

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