Sometimes, when you’re tired of someone, you just disappear, no texts, no calls, no social media. Just gone. Ghosting your (former) friends is a lot different than ghosting in your house. Ghosting in a house is the discoloration on surface that just seems too hard to explain. But its not too hard.

Basically, that discoloration comes from junk in the air and the tendency for stuff to stick to stuff. Electrically charged surfaces will attract junk particles with an opposite electrical charge. You might this of this when your sock gets stuck to your shirt in the dryer and you walk around all day with a sock on your back. The same thing can happen with small particles of dust. Other things are sticky because they’re just sticky like grease and smoke.

The ghosting patterns show up usually because of a unique and consistent inadequacy of proper air flow. If you notice this pattern, also called plating, then you probably have an air flow issue, air being drawn in through a restrictively tight opening or air being pushed again a surface. Cleaning more frequently will assist, but it may be necessary to address the airflow issue.

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