While most people around the country are helping to “flatten the curve” in their communities, they’ve found many interesting ways to fill their time. You may have thought of some of these, but here are some ideas for ways to protect your home while you’re staying at home.

  1. DIY home inspection can identify potential issues with your property. Finding the symptoms of these issues can be the first step, followed by a professional home inspection. You might check for things like water damage, HVAC system issues, cracked concrete, etc.
  2. DIY safety inspection – while similar to our first point – is aimed at finding things that may be a hazard to you or your family. You could look out for things like broken tree limbs or dead trees, uneven walkways, and exposed electrical wiring. It could also be a good idea to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

In either case, if you find something that raises a red flag, schedule a professional home inspection with us and we’ll be happy to help you follow up.

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