Since Florida is a very humid state, mold can be a serious problem. Additionally, central air conditioning is extremely common in this state, and this kind of system includes a network of air ducts that are very difficult to get into and clean properly, which can contribute to mold growth. So is this a lost cause?

No! While it can be difficult for most of us to clean air conditioning ductwork, there are plenty of professional duct-cleaning services that have specialized equipment to do the job. For example, they may close off all air vents except for one, which is then connected to a vacuuming system that extracts all the nasty dirt and bacteria that grows inside of ductwork. Once that’s done, antimicrobial or antifungal chemicals can be pumped through the system, coating all the surfaces of the ductwork, helping to prevent mold growth. With services like these, not only will your air smell fresher and cleaner, but it will likely be a lot healthier, too.

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