While many states have seen pandemic restrictions beginning to be lifted, many states have also seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases. Of course, at this point, we’re all very familiar with face masks and social distancing and handwashing. One thing that may be easily missed, though, is disinfecting our homes. Of course, this is beneficial for more than just avoiding the coronavirus. But how could it be done?

Well, you likely have a consistent routine for cleaning your home, and that’s great! However, the extra step of disinfecting your home – specifically commonly touched surfaces and objects – can be a big part of keeping you and your family healthy, and it only takes a few more minutes. There are a plethora of commercial disinfectant solutions or even handy wipes that can be used, but even a simple solution of 5 tbsp bleach to 1 gal water can be enough to kill most viruses.

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