Realizing that someone has been in your home, uninvited, is an unnerving violation. After being burglarized, some have felt so unsafe, so violated, that they felt it best to move. How can you prevent this kind of violation? Installing an alarm system is often the best solution, but an alarm system alone is not sufficient.

Many relatively basic things can be done in any home. Most burglars enter through the front door, back door, or a first-floor window. Do not allow these points of entry to be easy options. Ensure you doors are of high quality (heavy, with a solid core). Use highly rated deadbolt locks that are bump proof. Although some pets may prevent burglaries, avoid using pet doors unless absolutely necessary. Because of the way they slip into the frame, sliding glass doors should have a lock at the bottom and the top. In addition to the locks, use a pipe or solid wood handle on the track to keep the door from being slid open.

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